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OCEANUS Offshore EPCIC Service

For more than 15 years, the company has successfully demonstrated innovation and capability in offshore technologies by working in close cooperation with experienced Korean shipyards such as HHI, SHI and DSME.

In Particular, OCEANUS has concentrated on continuous improvement in its ability to perform EPCIC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, Testing and Commissioning) works for Oil & Gas Industry.

Today, utilizing its main offices, subsidiaries, partners for Engineering including a global network of manufacturing facilities, supported by a Project Management Team in Korea together with an international purchasing capabilities, OCEANUS can provide a ^TOTAL SOLUTION ̄ for EPCIC services to its clients.

 Offshore structures

We provide total solution from FEED to Installation and Commissioning for Offshore Structures like:
, Offshore Fixed Platform
, Subsea Rigid & Flexible Pipeline
, Subsea Cable


Our deliveries cover from conceptual and feasibility, FEED & Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning for Offshore Fixed Platforms like:
, Wellhead Platform
, Production Platform
, Living Quarter
In addition, OCEANUS has our experienced engineering team so that this enables OCEANUS to deliver tailored topside or jacket which meet various fields environment and client¨s requirement.

By performing projects in many countries, OCEANUS is able to build up our various experience allowing and it makes us to provide more efficient and optimum solution.


- Detailed Design & Engineering
, Design Basis
, Process Engineering
, Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs)
, Piping and Instrument Diagrams (P&IDs)
, Global and local structure design
, Process Philosophies, Studies, Reports
, Strength analysis
, Fatigue analysis
, Technical specifications / Material Requisition and MTO
- Procurement
, Procurement Planning
, Purchasing
, Expediting
, Inspection and Testing
, Traffic and Transportation
, Spare Parts Procurement
, Field Purchases
, Materials Tracking and Control
, Interfacing management
- Construction
, Construction Planning
, Detailed Engineering as per Design Matrix
, Procurement of bulk material as per Supply Matrix
, Demolitions and Preservation (If required)
, Fabrication and Assembly
, Outfitting & Equipment installation
, Testing and Mechanical Completion
, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning of system/ equipment
- Transportation & Installation
, Structure motion and stability analysis
, Towing and maneuvering analysis
, Design calculations for installation aids and sea- fastenings
, Map of tow route including all identified shelter locations
, Organize the marine spread
, Mooring Pile and Chain Engineering/Analysis
, Hook-up Mooring chains Engineering/Analysis
, Riser Engineering/Analysis
, Positioning of Floating Offshore Structure
, Hook-up Operation
, As built survey
- Commissioning
, Onshore Commissioning and Offshore commissioning of system/ equipment
, Preservation & Protection
, Vendor support
, Supply of manpower and consumables
, Punch Management
, Completions Management and Handover system
SPM(Single Point Mooring)

Generally, crude oil loading/offloading works are operated on the inner side of the harbors. But as the rate of oil transportation increases, conventional harbors as oil terminal contains the risk of marine collision accidents due to limited space of harbors and those incidents cause severe environmental pollution, when it comes to happen.

Our SPM is targeted for safe operation and offers risk-free and pollution-free alternative. Unlike normal ways of transferring of oil, SPM method accommodates Handymax up to ULCC (Ultra Large Crude oil Carrier) to be moored on the outer side of the harbor and enables vessels to have more spaces during on/off loading operation of crude oil.

This SPM oil terminal requires highly reliable safety system since it is very intimate with oil pollution in case of SPM damages or failures. Oceanus Turret CALM Buoy, which can satisfy customer needs and protect our environment, is designed and manufactured in compliance with Class CODE and international standard. We provide entire EPCIC work for SPM.

- Surveys
We perform site survey where SPM is located. It includes geotechnical sampling, environment survey, local regulation and any relevant information which can affect SPM design specification.
- Engineering
, Buoy design - Body, protection deckhouse, turret & spider, Mooring lug, chain stopper, boat landing, main bearing, product swivel, hydraulic swivel, navigation aid system and control system
, Riser system design
, Floating hose & hawser design & operation analysis
, Mooring chain system design and installation analysis
, Hydrodynamic analysis for Buoy & riser
, Fatigue analysis
, Seismic analysis
, Material & coating specification
, SPM installation methodology & execution plan
, Testing and commissioning of overall operation from SPM to onshore plant
- Procurement and Fabrication
Procurement & Fabrication are related to SPM, mooring chain, floating hose & riser and etc. The construction can be carried out depending on price, delivery and client¨s requirement as mentioned below:
, To be done at Oceanus¨ shop in Korea
, To be done at shop in client¨s country
, To be done at other competitive nation
- SPM Installation & Commissioning
We, OCEANUS, mobilize all personnel, Marine Spread and necessary equipment to carry out the SPM installation. All works shall be carried out in line with detailed Offshore Works Schedule approved by clients in advance and procedures submitted to client for approval in advance. Commissioning shall be followed after riser is installed.
- Final Documentation
Upon Completion of work, OCEANUS provide and issue to client a comprehensive Project final dossier. This documentation will comprise of As-built drawings, Vendor drawings, Results and Test & Class certificates.


As a leading EPCIC contractor for the offshore oil & gas industry, OCEANUS has many years of experience in the offshore industry. Our multi-disciplined team in complex marine operation can provide valuable early planning and advice to optimize the solutions with regard to Offshore Transportation & Installation (T&I).

OCEANUS¨ capabilities in Offshore T&I for the following facilities:
, Offshore Fixed Platform
, Subsea Rigid & Flexible Pipeline
, Subsea Cable

Offshore T&I services includes:
, Transportation
, Installation
, Maintenance
, Hook-up
, Commissioning assistance
Based on deep and abundant knowledge in offshore facilities, OCEANUS is confident in successful Transportation & Installation(T&I) services for offshore facilities.



As Offshore T&I Contractor, OCEANUS provides transportation services for Offshore Fixed Platform.

The transportation of offshore fixed platform is commenced from mobilization of transportation fleets on the fabrication yard, and completed when the platform is delivered at the installation field.

For the successful transportation, OCEANUS provides transportation engineering as follows;
, Load-out Analysis & Procedures
, Sea fastening design
, Tow analysis & Transportation Motion Analysis
All the transportation engineering deliverables are strictly prepared in accordance to the international and/or client regulations and specifications, and approved prior to sail away.
Activities for installation of offshore fixed platforms includes followings;
, Survey (Pre-construction/ As-built)
, Launching of Jackets
, Lifting of Jackets, Topsides, and/or Bridges
, Driving or Drilling of Jacket Piles
, Float over operation of Topsides
, Hook-up and Commissioning
OCEANUS keeps its own manpower who have various experiences in offshore field, and also provides marine spreads from its partners.

For the successful installation of offshore fixed platforms, OCEANUS provides offshore installation engineering including followings, and but not limited to;
, Jacket Launching/Upending Analysis
, Structure Lifting Analysis
, Float over Analysis
, Offshore Mooring Analysis
, Design of Installation Aids
, Offshore Installation Manuals
, WPS / WPQT (if required)
, HSE/Quality Manual / Procedures


Transportation and Installation

The safe and timely transportation and installation of ship-typed structure (FPSO/FSO) and fixed/floating offshore structures are critical elements in successful offshore project development.

OCEANUS can develop detailed procedures based on the selected installation equipment, subject to the client¨s approval.

Our general our performance is as following:
, Installation Engineering Preparation of Installation procedure, drawing and documents
, Towing Force Calculation for Tug selection
, Delivery of FPSO / FSO in installation location
, Positioning of FPSO / FSO, hook-up of mooring chains
, Flexible Riser Installation
, As-built survey of mooring lines
, Mobilization and demobilization of required marine spread with engineers/workers working at offshore job site and the marine spread includes: - Tugs, PositioningTugs, DSV including accommodation, Supply boat and etc.
, Diving, ROV, rigging items and any others required for performing the offshore installation works
, Other works that require completion of the offshore installation works at site shall be provided.

Operation and Maintenance

After towing and installation works are completed, OCEANUS¨ On and Offshore Operation teams are dispatched and start to operate ship-typed structure(FPSO/FSO) and fixed/floating offshore structures. Our team provide following services:

- Onshore Team

Onshore team will be structured to provide total support for all offshore operations during operation.

- Offshore Team

Offshore team including experienced offshore installation managers consisting of skilled personnel in all disciplines required for the safe, efficient and environmentally responsible operation of all FPSO(FSO) facilities.

- Supply of Project Support Vessel (PSV) Service

OCEANUS can supply our own PSV which can provide but not, limited to the below services:
, Rescue Service
, Crew Transfer & Support Boat Service
, Oil Spill Recovery Service
, Dive and ROV Support Service
, Provision of required Crew Members and Diver team

- Authorized SQMS (Safety Quality Management System)

- High Quality Maintenance work with PMS (Pre-Maintenance System)

- Spare Part Inventory Management


Based on the previous experiences of OCEANUS and its partners, OCEANUS provides T&I Services for Subsea Rigid and/or Flexible Pipeline System. The Pipelines that we can provide T&I services are as follows;
, Rigid Pipeline
, Pipe-in-Pipe
, Pipeline with piggyback pipeline or cable
, Pipeline with heating system
, Flexible Pipeline
With its own manpower resources and marine spreads, OCEANUS installs the pipelines by using S-Lay, Tow-in, Reel-Lay methods, and all required engineering is performed by well experienced installation engineers.
- Detailed Engineering
OCEANUS keeps strong and well experienced engineering team who specialize in pipeline engineering from every type of subsea pipelines. With a knowledge of the international codes, client specifications, engineering software and constructability, we are confident to provide quality and cost effective engineering services to clients.
- Procurement
With worldwide branch offices and supply chains who has kept long time and good relationship, OCEANUS is confident to provide quality materials and services with their best prices and timely deliveries. OCEANUS is also ready to support in all technical issues on each material with its own material specialist.
- Transportation
One of the key activities for successful installation of subsea pipelines is timely feeding of the materials such as coated pipes, flexible pipes to the offshore site.

In order to minimize interfaces and for timely delivery of subsea pipeline system, OCEANUS provides offshore transportation services for subsea pipelines from client designated coated pipe/flexible pipe storage area to the offshore site.

Prior to transportation, the following transportation engineering is performed by its in-house T&I engineers and approved by client and Marine Warranty Surveyors.
, Pipe Stacking Analysis
, Load-out Analysis & Procedures
, Sea fastening design
, Tow analysis & Transportation Motion Analysis
- Pipeline Installation
Pipeline installation of subsea pipeline by OCEANUS is performed by S-Lay, Tow-In, Reel-Lay methods depending on the water depth, pipe types/sizes, environmental conditions, etc.

In order to find suitable method for subsea pipeline the following engineering is performed, but not limited to:
, Shore Approach Calculations (if required)
, OFFPIPE Analysis (Pipe lay / Riser Stalk-on / Surface Tie-in)
, Mooring analysis
, Design of Installation Aids
, Offshore Installation Manuals
, HSE / Quality Manuals & Procedures
The offshore activities for subsea pipeline installation is as follows;
, Survey (Pre-installation / As-laid / As-built)
, Shore Approach Activities
, S-Lay / Tow-in / Reel-Lay
, Riser Installation (Stalk-on / Surface Tie-in)
, Subsea Spool Tie-in
, Free Span Correction
, Pipeline Crossing (Concrete Mattresses/ Concrete Sleepers)
- Pre-commissioning & Commissioning
In order to check the integrity of subsea pipeline, and deliver the pipeline system in ready to use condition, OCEANUS provides pre-commissioning & commissioning services for subsea pipeline system such as flooding, cleaning, gauging, hydro testing, dewatering, drying, N2 purging, etc. The detailed procedures are strictly followed in accordance to clients and international rules and regulations to satisfy the clients¨ expectation.



Demands for Submarine Cable Industry for Oil & Gas sector as well as Renewable Energy Industry like Wind & Waves have been increasing.

Actively to meet the demands in the various industries, OCEANUS provides the A to Z installation services for submarine cables based on wide & rich experience and skills with OCEANUS owned DP2 cable laying vessel `CS CREATOR¨.

- Surveys
, Route Survey, Pre-laying Survey, Post-laying Survey, As-laid Survey
- Engineering
, Electrical design, Subsea route selection & optimization, Offshore approach and onshore site set-up, Trenching and rock dumping methodology, Optimization of installation sequencing, Design of the external interface between the onshore and offshore power lines
- Procurement
, Submarine cable with accessories
- Installation
OCEANUS executes all installation works by mobilizing experienced project personnel, necessary marine spreads and all required equipment on land and vessels. All works shall be carried out in line with detailed works planning, scheduling and client approved procedures.
, PLGR (Pre Lay Grapnel Run) Submarine cable installation route clearance
, Cable Landing Between Land to Land, Land to Offshore structure, Offshore structure to Offshore structure
, Cable Laying Between Land to Land, Land to Offshore structure, Offshore structure to Offshore structure
, Cable Burial - Trenching, Burial(Simultaneous/Post-Lay) Back-filling(Natural, Artificial)
, Cable Protection - Crossing point protection(Pre/Post) with various materials(Rock dumping, Concrete mattresses, Cement bags, Concrete slabs, Cast iron half pipes), Cable external protection
, Cable Repair - Cable termination, Damaged part repair with repair joint/universal joint
, Cable Test - OTDR(TDR), IR Tests
- Final Documentation
OCEANUS provides a comprehensive project dossier for all project data to include all project documentation(MDR), As-laid drawings, Vender drawings, Test Results and Certificates.
OCEANUS¨ main strength and competitiveness lies in its engineering services rendered to our client on the EPCIC Onshore/offshore projects in oil & gas fields. Our highly qualified and experienced team consist of all discipline lead engineers, designers & draft persons who preform quality engineering to international standard and to entire satisfaction of our client.

Engineering service includes FEED, basic and detail engineering which establish basic concept from process design and long lead item procurement, specifications, design basis etc., to execute Project from concept to commissioning.

Design and detail engineering phase is a step for being ready for fabrication design, preparing complete construction documents including analyses, detail DWGs, MTOs, MRs etc.

Once we cover all above aspects, fabrication and installation is executed as per fabrication & installation engineering with close cooperation of experienced field engineers and construction team.


We are able to cover all aspects of engineering design, through FEED Engineering phase and move forward into Detailed Design with our experienced team engineers, designers and drafters.

The following services are performed at FEED and Basic Engineering stage:
, Preliminary engineering & Feasibility studies
, Concept development & Alternatives appraisal
, Compliance checks against national and international standards
, Project & Scope definition review
, Hazard & Operability studies / hazard identification
, Identification & Evaluation long lead items
, Define development concept
, Design basis
, Cost estimating
, Schedule development
, Preliminary specifications
, Bid preparation and review
- Engineering Software of OCEANUS
To provide more detail and exact FEED service, our Engineering team can use various Engineering software.
Process Engineering
- HYSYS - HYSYS Dynamics - HYSYS Upstream(Steady state) - HYSYS Upstream(Dynamic) - HTFS(ACOL) - HTFS(TASC) - HTRI
- FLARENET(+options) - OLGA(+options) - PIPESYS - PIPESIM(+options) - PROSPER - GAP - MBAL - PVT - PRO/ケ - ProMax
- STADD - ANSYS AQWA - OrcaJlex - LR Shipright - SACS
Risk Analysis
- Crystal Ball - @Risk - Pertmaster - faultree+
Piping & Layouts
- AutoCAD - Inventor - Microstation - PDMS - caesarケ
Cost Estimating


The detailed engineering phase is when design is developed to a point where technical input for all procurement and construction tendering can be defined in sufficient detail.
This stage includes confirmation requirements on more specific information for development of design which was performed in basic engineering stage and DWGs in sufficient detail for all disciplines.
In detailed engineering, it is necessary to do all analysis to verify and confirm design integrity. Design through basic engineering and detailed engineering are performed to prepare all layouts, general arrangements, drawings, MTOs, TBEs, isometrics and documentation for construction.
OCEANUS has right facilities and software which can be used to perform necessary analysis and design for the project.

Through these steps, issuance of AFC(Approved for Construction) documents is one of main outputs in detailed engineering. procurement is fully performed as well at this stage with certain documents such as TBE, MR, etc.

This will include the following disciplines:
- Process Engineering
- Subsea Engineering
- Instrument & Control Engineering
- Electrical Engineering
- Mechanical (Rotating & Static) Engineering
- Structural Engineering
- Piping & Layout Engineering
- Pipeline Engineering
- Technical Safety Engineering
- Platform Drilling Facility interface
- Cost Estimating
- CAD design
- Project Planning
- Procurement Management
- Construction Management
- Marine Engineering
- Environmental Science


This will include preparation of detailed drawings, procedures, specifications, calculations, and also will cover all relevant manufacturing, fabrication, processes, inspection, quality control and mechanical completion and commissioning checks.

We provide Fabrication & Construction engineering service like:
, Material control, storage, handling
, Assembly of main structural works
, Lifting
, Welding program
, Welding procedures specifications and qualification including repair
, Welder qualification
, NDT procedures and qualification
, Onshore hook-up work
, Sandblasting and painting
, Preparation of red line mark ups for as-building
, Punch lists and surveys


Installation Works of Offshore field need new technique because this work bring significant cost and risk.

Therefore Installation Engineering phase, as first step of project, plays an important role for successful installation works and whole projects.

OCEANUS Engineering Team¨s innovative approach for Offshore Installation Service is based on a wide range of operational experience and the latest technique. With our experienced and skilled engineers, we are able to offer our clients 100% commitment to provide exact and detail load out, transportation and installation engineering for their ultimate financial and operational success.
We provide a range of installation engineering solutions:
, Fixed facilities
, Floating facilities like FPSO / FSU
, Subsea facilities like PLEM, Manifolds
, Vessel mooring and station keeping
, Pipe laying and Cable laying
, Riser pipe and Flexible Riser Pipe
, Installation of Subsea spools
, Load out structural analysis
, Ballast and stability calculation during load out, transportation and installation
, Sea fastening design & Tow analysis
, Motion Analysis
, Transportation Structural Analysis
, Float over analysis for topside installation
, Lifting Analysis for jackets and topsides
, Crane DAF Analysis during lifting
, Upending analysis for jackets
, Launch analysis for jackets
, Mooring Analyses (frequency & time domain simulation)
, Pipe lay stress and riser installation analysis
, Barging Operation for repair of jack up legs and spud cans
, Preparation of offshore installation manuals

 IRM (Inspection Repair Maintenance) WORKS

OCEANUS provides high quality inspection, repair and maintenance services, developing repair strategies in case damage is found and putting in place plans for preventive maintenance. OCEANUS manages the various types of IRM operations through experienced personnel, a network of vessel owners and subsea contractors. This well-established network around the world enables OCEANUS to always find the most cost-effective method of delivering your IRM solution. Our IRM operations typically include:
, Platforms inspections
, Site survey with 3D Scanning
, Procurement & Fabrication
, Sandblasting, Painting, Insulation
, Underwater Scope(Diving, ROV)
, Splash Zone Coating
, Mechanical Repair & Replacement
, Subsea infrastructure
, Pipelines inspections and repairs
, Well site surveys and inspections
The Strong Points of Oceanus IRM Service
- Inspection Phase
, 3D Scanning / Laser measuring
, Professional Inspections such as:
   - Utility Inspection
   - Pipe Line Inspection
   - Corrosion Inspection with UTM
, Creating actual drawing about existing structure(2D/3D)
, Quality Assessment
- Repair Phase
, Real time Engineering on Offshore Site
, Procurement & Fabrication , Using special method for Efficient Repair works like:
   - Bolt/Clip Grating application instead of welding
   - GRP grating instead of metal method
, Sandblasting, Painting including splash zone coating
, As-built Dossier
- Maintenance Phase
, Periodic Monitoring & Maintenance service
, Maintenance system Engineering for:
   - Maintenance schedule
   - Lubrication Chart Development
   - Education
- Strength of Oceanus
, 3D Scanning for exact inspection
, Qualified manager with international certification:
   - CWI
   - API570
, Shortening Shot Down with Professional System
   - Hot Cut Over
, Real time Engineering for all Stage

 SMR(Strengthening Modification Repair)WORKS
Introduction of SMR works

SMR works are an important aspect of offshore engineering ensuring continued safe operation of offshore structures. The most common reasons for SMR requirements arise from fatigue, regulation, amendments, collision damage and connecting additional members to the structure.

SMR requires advanced skills and knowledge to normal jacket/topside design and are performed by in-house specialists. Additionally, SMR is highly engineered, for both moderate and major works in order to minimize costs associated with offshore works.

OCEANUS supplies all SMR Engineering service, material, equipment and manpower service and provides the entire SMR services including:
, DSV Mobilization
, Underwater Inspection
, Integrity Analysis
, Verification of existing as-built drawing through 3D Scanning
, Engineering for SMR
, Procurement & Fabrication
, Grouted Clamp & Stressed Grouted Clamp
, Structural repair Clamps
, Grout filled tubular
, Main/Skirt Pile Grouting
, ROV Grout Connectors
, Flooded Member Detection
Overall SMR Procedure

SMR Scheme & Technique

Having selected the level of SMR, the tailored SMR technique (or techniques) has to be chosen to realize the SMR scheme. In most cases there are alternatives that would achieve this objective; although in many instances, particularly for local SMR schemes, the choice may be fairly obvious. The selection of SMR technique(s) requires: knowledge of the available range of techniques, including variants; their strengths and weaknesses; and an appreciation of other factors such as ease of design, building, offshore support and equipment requirements, local supply infrastructure, and etc.

A summary of the main SMR techniques available is presented in the below table.


Due to many reasons such as Market demands, Vessel damaged by accident or deterioration, many vessels are needed to be modified or refurbished recently.

Whether it is a minor or major modification, OCEANUS can repair and upgrade vessels and rigs for action after evaluation survey of equipment condition.

We have many partner shipyards in not only Korea but also worldwide such as China or Middle East and have experienced team, so it allows us to perform turn-key base with cost-effective and timely solutions that respond to our clients¨ needs.

Our main services based on EPCIC are;
, Upgrade and Modification of VLCC to FPSO
, Damaged Vessel Repair and Maintenance
, Equip with key elements like accommodation module,
, Cranes and control systems

 PMC (Project Management Consultant)

OCEANUS PMC Service is a management team wholly dedicated on the provision of PMC Services to successfully progress the project. With experienced personnel and dedicated tools such as MS project and Primavera 6, we can fully advise you to coordination, management , decision making .
PMC Role
, Manage the project for the Project Owner
, Define a contracting strategy for the project
, Select contractors for the various phases of the project
, Agree and monitor project scope, cost, schedule and progress
, Create project procedures (quality plan, contracting plan, technical standards, etc) in cooperation with contractors
, Participate in construction/progress/QHSE meetings with suppliers and contractors
, Participate in technical reviews such as HAZOP and PID Review and approve designs, drawings and other technical documentation
, Review and approve/reject change orders
, Prepare reports for Owners review
, Liaise with Owners staff
, Supervise construction, commissioning and start-up

 Subsea works

Diving Service
, Surface Supplied Air Diving System
, Mixed Gas Diving System
, Saturation Diving System
, Seabed Exploration
ROV operation team with competent technicians of wide experiences gained from various projects worldwide offers ROV operation services including Maintenance & Repair service
- ROV Service
, Drilling Support
, ROV Construction Support
, Seabed Survey
, Pipeline and Jacket Inspection
, NDT Inspection
, Diver Support
, Inspection, Calibration and Maintenance & Repair
OCEANUS is able to provide 3D Scanning Service with our latest equipment, 3D & 2D modeling and As-built drawing at existing structures.

OCEANUS 3D scanning is a ground-based technique for collecting high accuracy and realistic 3D data to create digital models of complex entities from offshore platforms to onshore plant for repair, maintenance and updating existing As-built drawing.

Our benefits for 3D Scanning are:
, Cost Effective
, Non obstructive data capturing on working plants
, Fast realistic results
, More efficient management of project

 Marine Salvage and Wreck removal

Marine salvage is the process of recovering a ship, its cargo, or other property after a shipwreck.
We have carried out marine salvage works in South-East Asia, and we can mobilize some of the heaviest units in the world salvage fleet, including floating sheerleg and crane, pull barges and a vast array of specialized equipment.

Onshore Facility and Structural Engineering
OCEANUS can provide a multidiscipline and dedicated our partners complete with a staff possessing worldwide expertise in onshore pipelines, pump stations, compressor stations, meter stations, import/export terminals, gathering systems, storage tank farms. We have established working relationship with other organization that allow us to provide collaborative resource solutions for our client.
Our team has a practical and field-proven expertise in:
, Improved HSE system targeting with zero accident.
, Flow analysis and hydraulic studies
, Detailed Civil, Mechanical, Process, Electrical Design and Procedure
, Regulatory and compliance planning and execution
, Filed onsite engineering and as-built drawings.
, Pipe laying, alignment, hook-up, repair
, Pigging facilities.
, Construction inspection, assessment and management.
, Procurement Procedure
, Equipment and material procurement support
, Detailed scheduling and control
, Route and site selection
, Set QA/QC Procedures and execution
, Onshore pre-commissioning and commissioning and start up
, Interface management between Client side and Subcontractor
, Vendor Inspection
, Adherence to national, local as well as Client¨s Policies and Regulations
, Maintenance for schedules, Cost Estimating and Scheduling


Oil Terminal
OCEANUS and our global partner provide expertise in design, Engineering and construction to meet our client requirements with the objective to combine world class quality with cost effectiveness and speed. Furthermore, we are pursuing projects in the Middle East, Asia and Africa in engineering consulting and construction of terminals and pipelines for the petroleum, petrochemical and power industries by our in-house team of dedicated and highly qualified engineers.
LNG Terminal
Our service for LNG terminal consists of a jetty, storage tanks and regasification facilities combined and matched with its export capabilities.

Designed, engineered and constructed to the highest specification to assure safety, environmental compliance, reliability, quality, our terminal operates at the highest levels of efficiency using proven technology, equipment and materials.
Tank Farm
OCEANUS has a consolidated experience in Turnkey Tank Farm Execution and we can provide tailor made EPC solutions for Tank Farm Terminals like following
, In house Design and Engineering capabilities with procurement, construction and commissioning enable to cater for customer needs
, Total localization enables better responsiveness and fast track delivery
, Unsurpassed technical support from our partner with ensuring the capability of handling project site works


Onshore Revamp Business Area
Industrial Plant
, Refinery Plant
, Petrochemical Plant
, Gas Pipeline & Facility
, Fire Heater Shut-Down Work
, Boiler Shut-Down Work
Rotating Machine Overhaul & Repair
, Compressor
, Gas & Steam Turbine
, Pump
, Conveyer
, Gear Box Repair
, Laser Alignment
Mechanical Maintenance
, Long-Term Daily Maintenance
, Piping & Steel Structure
, On Call Service
, Manpower Supply
Heat Exchanger Tube/Re-Tubing
, Heat Exchanger Tube Repair
, Heat Exchanger Tube Expanding
, Heat Exchanger Tube
, Replacement (Shop & Field)
OCEANUS and our partner companies can accomplish turnkey solution on an revamping work for onshore facilities such as:
, Oil Refinery & Gas Processing Plant
, Petrochemical Plant
, Gas Pipeline & Relevant Facilities
OCEANUS and our partner companies also carry out revamping work of detailed provision services like below:
, Fire Heater/Boiler Shut-Down Work
, Mechanical Maintenance
   - Long-Term Daily Maintenance
   - Piping & Steel Structure
   - On Call Service
   - Manpower Service
, Rotating Machine Overhaul & Repair
   - Compressor
   - Gas & Steam Turbine
   - Pump
   - Conveyer
   - Gear Box Repair
   - Laser Alignment
, Heat Exchanger Tube/Re-Tubing
   - Heat Exchanger Tube
, Repair/Expanding/Replacement (Shop & Field)
Our team always manages and controls the below items below for successful project completion during the execution of revamp work.
, Health, safety and protection of the environment
, Site Survey & Verification and Revamping Engineering
, Quality assurance and control
, Economized Scheduling, Planning and Progress control and reporting


OCEANUS provides full range of Onshore Engineering Consultancy services such as:
, Basic Design
   - Process Simulation
   - PFD Preparation
   - Heat & Material Balance
   - P&ID Preparation
   - Equipment Data Sheet Preparation
   - Instrument Data Sheet Preparation
   - Thermal Rating of Heat Exchanger
   - Hydraulic Calculation
   - Flare Load Calculation
   - Preliminary Plot Plan
, Basic Design Verification
   - Verification of Process Simulation
   - Verification of PFD
   - Verification of Heat & Material Balance
   - Verification of P&ID
   - Verification of Equipment Data Sheet
   - Verification of Instrument Data Sheet
   - Verification of Hydraulic Calculation for Pump / Compressor
   - Verification Tray Hydraulic Calculation for Distillation Column
   - Verification of Vessel / Drum Sizing
   - Verification of Line Sizing
   - Verification of Utility Summary
   - Verification of Flare Load
, Revamping, Expansion and Debottleneck Study
   - Rigorous Simulation of Process
   - Distillation Tower Capacity evaluation
   - Fired heater evaluation
   - Thermal Rating of Heat Exchanger
   - Hydraulic calculation for piping circuits, control valves and pumping requirement.
, Troubleshooting of Operation
, Energy Saving
   - Modification of Operating Condition
   - Maximizing Existing Equipment with best Knowledge of Equipment Performance
   - Maximizing Product Yields
   - Heat Exchanger Network Analysis with Pinch Technology
   - Using Low Level Utility instead of High Level Utility
, Flare Load Analysis
   - Prior Unit Expansion / Upgrades
   - Addition of New Plants
   - Connect Atmospheric Relief Valves to the existing Flare System
, Dynamic Simulation
   - Optimization of Operation Process Condition
   - Failure Settlement to provide Best Solution Ways
   - Evaluation of Equipment Failure
   - Control Strategy Analysis
   - Analysis for Emergency Shutdown
   - Startup / Shutdown Instruction
   - Analysis for Flare System and de-pressuring System
, Hydraulic Calculation
, Technical Assistance for Process Development and Improvement
, Basic Design for Package Facilities
   - Mini LNG Plant
   - Gas Dehydration : MEG, DEG, TEG & T4EG, Condensation Dehydration, Adsorption Dehydration
   - Acid Gas Treating OCEANUS is always considering of maximizing client profit, reliable process simulation, minimizing energy consumption, trouble.

ONSHORE PMC Consultancy
OCEANUS provides project management consultancy service for success of a project with respect to cost efficiency, in a timely project schedule, operation and project maintenance.
, Project Management
, Resourcing Strategy
, Project Control
, Engineering and Procurement
, Construction
, Commissioning
OCEANUS provides pro-actively management of project risks:
, Meeting QHSE expectations including flow-down through the prime and subcontractors , Delivering to schedule and budget targets , Obtaining experienced, qualified personnel , Managing contractors OCEANUS can supply a variety
OCEANUS can supply a variety of skilled project management personnel to support clients across a variety of disciplines for the different phases of a project including engineering, planning, construction, commissioning and operational support.

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